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Career transition might be stressful. Some of us come to this point as a result of job optimization in the company they work for, while others feel the urge for a career change so strong that they turn their quirks into businesses. Do you know which one is the craziest idea I have heard of, which turned into a profitable business for its creators? If you read this article till the end, you will be able to find it out.

Career is one of the most important areas in our lives. Many of us plan carefully, study hard and take university degrees in order to start their dream jobs. Others accept whatever job the market offers, driven by the need to provide for themselves and for their families. Whatever the preparations and the positions we take, in the cycles of our everyday lives we reach particular moments when the current job titles and the salaries cease to be motivating and lose their charm for us. In moments like these, we feel urged to make a career transition and we are triggered to accomplish our need for appreciation or to receive a better remuneration package, or simply to follow our dreams. It may lead us to take different responsibilities and to use our professional and personal strengths to help more people. Another inner motivation might be the desire to achieve a better balance between the long working hours and the quality time spend with our family and the loved ones. Whatever the case is, we all find ourselves at least once at this point in life where we feel challenged to make a career change. In such cases, we all react differently as we all are in different life circumstances.

As coaches, we often have clients who want to make the leap from one career to another. It is a sensitive and very crucial moment for everyone as there are different stages of completing this particular goal. This is the reason why in such cases, we need to be brilliant in listening, intuition, building a rapport and using various coaching skills and techniques. But all our efforts as coaches are worthy because it is rewarding to have had someone who successfully changes his career with the feeling of success, joy, and appreciation for the client-coach relationship.

Below I am going to share with you my five highlights list, which helps in the process of successfully achieving the goals related to the career transition. It might also be useful for someone else when working with a client who is in the middle of a career change, so there it is:

  1. The state of being calm and get used to the idea for a career transition

Norman Vincent Peale once said ‘The cyclone derives its powers from a calm centre. So does a person’. For some people the career change comes unexpectedly. Others desire and long for it, because they know exactly what they don’t want, but are not certain which way to take. Whatever the case is, the first step in this journey is to remain calm and to talk about the new situation which will help the client to get used to it. Many people facing a career transition get frustrated or rather emotional which is an obstacle to be flexible enough to adapt quickly to changes. Coaching gives us so many powerful tools such as the Wheel of Life, visualisation, meditation and breathing techniques to help our clients to reach their state of calmness. This is the state where they can connect with their true selves and derive the desires, the strengths and the new ideas which will lead them to the desired destination.

  1. Career transition is a process

Depending on the circumstances which provoked the client to make the career transition, this is a stage in their lives where they could experience a sense of financial loss or feel as victims. In such a moment most of the people want to achieve immediate results. As coaches we can help them to realise that this is a process which will take some time and will need their full potential, all their strengths and a positive attitude which will enable them to develop new habits in order to achieve their best possible results. As they will also need all of their courage and analytical skills to evaluate their present situation, we as coaches can help them to realise that they have to be tender and patient to themselves and to stay focused on their goals and the steps that they have to take instead of on the frustration and on the immediate results.

  1. The good self-esteem is crucial

As Helen Keller once said “Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” She knew the value of the good self-esteem as she was the first blind and numb person with a Bachelor degree in Arts.

When our clients are calm and prepared that the successful career change will take some time to be accomplished, the next important step is to maintain a good self-esteem. There are different techniques and exercises such as clearing the mind or the environment, finding role models and connecting with people who successfully achieved their desired goals or forgiving someone who hurt them. All these can be used in coaching sessions with clients who are in a career transition.

  1. It is a time to take a lot of decisions for a relatively short period of time

This might lead to hesitation, procrastination or to taking impulsive decisions. As coaches we can help our clients evaluate their physical, emotional and spiritual condition, their habits, relationships with friends and family, their love life, their financial status, property and possessions. This will empower them to get a better understanding what they can lean on while creating their desired career and will lead them to the right decisions to achieve their desired results.

5. Curiosity and the Drive to act – the magic qualities which lead to success

In such a situation the client might not be able to see their real options or might be in a stage of still living in the past. We as coaches can provoke our clients to discover the variety of options which the situation offers by challenging their curiosity. With curiosity, as little children, we get acquainted to the big world, but somehow when we grow up we put to sleep this precious mind ability.  Curiosity combined with action are the powerful combination to success in career change. Without them all the good intentions, plans and ideas will remain beautiful dreams.

Are you wondering about the craziest idea I have heard of, which turned into a profitable business for their creators? There is a site, created in 2004, which provides trial dream job opportunities. Can you imagine to hate your job so much that you pay to work during your vacation?

We live in a rapidly changing world and more people on every day basis face a career change. As professionals, we may use the magnificent techniques which coaching gives to help them make the leap from the feelings of insecurity, uncertainty and stress into the wonderful new world of great opportunities to choose from and to help them make the necessary steps to accomplish their desired results.

author Madlen IvanovaAbout Madlen Ivanova

Madlen Ivanova is a Professional Life & Executive Coach with a start-up business. Her working experience includes positions in the leading international companies in the field of audit and tax consulting, telecommunications, fast consuming goods and the steel industry. Her working ethic and standards were formed in one of the six biggest audit companies in the word which is currently conducting the process for the Oscars’ nominations in Hollywood.







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