Well, welcome back from the SUMMER.

Yes, the summer is now almost over and The Alpha Group drives forward once more, and looks to continue its growth in the final quarter of the year, with 6 new Directors just trained in Bucharest. and the next course of very experienced Directors from all over the UK and Europe soon be in the wonderful City of London, exposing them to the huge business opportunity that The Alpha Group is.

Joining us in London are up to 12 experienced directors to start the push to further develop and disrupt the UK,  European and Global Peer to Peer industry.  This is following on from the impact we are having in the USA, GOC, European and Asian market. With Hong Kong and India planned to join in for the early part of 2018.

If you have been receiving my news updates over the years and wonder when “you” should join in, well now is the time to get your feet wet, we now have 75 directors around the world, whom in the next months will all be introducing potential directors to this opportunity, my goal is to have 100 Directors globally before the end of the year, DO YOU WANT TO BE ONE OF THEM? WILL YOU BE ONE OF THEM?

It’s about time – efficiency and value. Our unique model, coupled with our proven meeting format and tools delivers an unparalleled return on your time and money.

We’ve got a no-nonsense approach that our members appreciate month after month. Year after year, which is why they have stayed members for up to 10 years with us.

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Does This describe you?

  • Strong leadership skills, self-confidence and an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Strong financial acumen
  • Experience managing 8-12 or more employees
  • Part of a well-established business network within your community
  • High self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • The ability to connect with people and lead groups of high achievers
  • Confidence to challenge senior executives and hold them accountable for their actions
  • Self-starter with availability to dedicate a minimum of 20 hours per week to grow your group
  • Impeccable integrity and work ethic
  • Ability to listen, probe, challenge, clarify and generate insights in individuals

Question you must ask yourself before calling me;

  1. Do you have what it takes to lead an Alpha Group? One of the Leading Global Peer Groups?
  2. Would you like to join a group of exceptional executives?
  3. would you like to love what you do and know it matters?
  4. are you willing to do the hard miles to make that happen?
  5. Do you want to become an excellent Facilitator and a superior business coach?
  6. Would you like to earn a substantial income, and a residual ongoing income?
  7. Would you like to help business owners become better business leaders?
  8. Our you driven, passionate and the desire to be “great”?

If you believe you have the above, please consider becoming one of our Regional Directors for your city.

You’ll have the opportunity not only to give back, but also to impact the business community in a measurable and meaningful way.

“Peer sharing done right – is a way to efficiently gain from the experiences of others, without ever hearing “You should…”. We share our mistakes, so you don’t have to repeat them yourself”. Colin Lindsay MD The Alpha Group.

If you would like to learn more and to hear if your town or city is still available, why not send me an email and I will respond very quickly. I will also send you some further information. It is up to you, I await your email.

The next training course will be in the highly honored Ex- military forces Club in Central London on the 10th October for 5 days. This place is steeped in glory of very brave men and women. Will you be one of them?

If you would like to understand more about The Alpha Group, why not send me an email and I will be happy to discuss this with you.

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Sincerely Yours,

Colin Lindsay  
Managing Director  
The Alpha Group Worldwide  
M: +44 779 597 6292  

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$£6500one-off fee
  • For a one-off fee, you are able to submit your own post on the worlds’ largest coaching blog.


$£25000three month slot
  • Above the fold rotating banner/box. Price is for a 3 month slot.