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From a wet and windy Nottingham in the middle of the UK !!!

I am just sharing this email below-it is one of the first announcement emails to go out-

talking about our partnership with the Hippocrates Institute-and the opportunity to train as a coach.

This has been sent by Hippocrates to the Hippocrates database not the Noble Manhattan one

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Become an Accredited, Professional Coach with Award Winning Coach Training, Many levels, Up to the level of PhD.

Are you looking to become trained as a World-class, Accredited Professional Coach? See our infographic here. Come and educate yourself and experience the incredible Hippocrates Health Institute and our 3-Day Level II Coach Training on September 20, 21 & 22 2019 –

Are you looking for the highest quality of personal and professional development and coach training? And are you looking for a successful career path that will make a bigger difference in the world?

What good is receiving the best accreditations, certifications, and training if you cannot use it to create the impact and success you desire for yourself, others and the world?

At Hippocrates Health Institute with Noble Manhattan providing our Award Winning, Accredited Coach Training and Postgraduate Support we care deeply about providing you with both.

If you would like to set up an interview to learn about our Accredited, Award Winning Coach Training and Postgraduate Support, please set up an appointment with Tony here or Jennifer here.

Please call us on 561.531.0534 or email us here if you have more questions, or you can Skype us at Skype ID: Hippocrates Lifestyle from 10am – 6pm EST Mon-Fri if an International call.

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The Online Programs & Accredited Coach Training Team



£6500one-off fee
  • For a one-off fee, you are able to submit your own post on the worlds’ largest coaching blog.


£25000three month slot
  • Above the fold rotating banner/box. Price is for a 3 month slot.