The Pathway from Dreams to Accomplishments

From personal to career and business, coaching takes people form their current situation to an ideal one. It’s a profession made from people’s need to achieve their goals and get a better life. The essence of coaching is captured by its definition as a relationship based on respect openness, trust and empathy that offers the safe environment for self-discovery and self-actualization with the scope of achieving speedy, increased results and sustainable effectiveness in people’s lives and careers.

Here at the-Coaching Blog-run by Gerard O’Donovan, our aim is to constantly bring value to those seeking to improve their lives. Therefore we have a policy of publishing articles and materials by guest authors whom we value and appreciate. Today’s guest author is Iulia Sorescu.

But what makes coaching so powerful in getting results? With the abounding self-help literature on how to get things done, stop procrastination and get the perfect life, asking someone else for help sounds redundant. But it is not! There’s a reason why people don’t follow through no matter how much they read. Because all this literature lacks some essential elements, that coaching brings together: awareness, fresh perspectives, challenges and accountability.

Setting the right goals

Firstly, coaching is about gaining clarity. What do you want to achieve? What is the importance of getting that? What would it bring you? An objective is thus dissected and refined so that it is relevant, motivating and tuned in with the client’s inner values. A coach is aiming to rise awareness around the objective, placing it in the personal context and removing judgements and self-doubt.

Don’t know what to do? You do!

“I don’t know” is not an acceptable response during a coaching session. Everybody has their own answers, along with the resources and the ability to find solutions. That’s one of coaching core assumptions. By themselves, people are usually reluctant to dig deeper for answers. However, assisted by a talented coach, they are discovering the world of inner and outer opportunities. The powerful questions are always accompanied by intuition, the eye to notice incongruence and the ability to challenge the get-away replies.

Trying something different

From visualization exercises to movement and art, coaching is employing a wide range of tools and techniques to provoke the client’s perspectives. On the way of achieving their goals, people can encounter obstacles. Unless they are removed, the chances of success are dim. And a coaching intervention towards different points of view is meant to help the client overcome their obstacles. A coach is not a magician, but a good observer with the role is to assist people in the process of finding their solutions.

It rises awareness

Awareness it’s one of the stepping stone of development. But it requires constant exercise. Mindfulness meditation has become a popular practice to increase the awareness of own breath, body, emotions and surroundings. However, when you’re caught in your own thoughts and worries unless you master this practice, it’s difficult to realize how you speak or react. And again, coaching proves its benefits. The only fact that someone else draws your attention to your language patterns or your body language can change the entire dynamics of your thoughts and lead to revelations.


Last but not least, coaching stands for accountability. It’s common saying that successful people are sharing their objectives with peers to rise the stakes and make sure they fulfill their tasks. But this practice doesn’t always work. When someone goes to a coach, they commit to action. During and in between the coaching sessions. And if that is not happening, the coach would investigate and challenge them in a non-judgmental way. Through questions such as “what prevented you from taking action” or “what would you need to progress”, they are building a growth mindset and the discipline to integrate feedback.

The key for transforming dreams into accomplishments

Through its core assumptions, elements and tools, coaching is transformational. However, it represents just a pathway from dreams to accomplishments. The client is the only one having the key for success. Because no matter how talented a coach is, no matter how intuitive and challenging they are, the decision to act and take-in the learning lays within the client.

Iulia Sorescu is an accredited life coach with Noble Manhattan and a trainer. She is passionate about human potential and helping others discover their own values and resources and get confidence to follow their dreams. Her project, Uprise Action is meant to be home for people with open minds and open hearts who are committed to live up to their own unique standards and build a life with purpose. And through coaching sessions, blog articles and social media shares, Iulia helps millennials get direction, self-confidence and inner connection.

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