How are you coping in these strange and amazing times. Now more than ever we have a need to come together and to support each other.

We as a company, have a duty to our students and community to do all we can to support you -in every way.

We all are adapting now and moving our activities online and we are increasing our virtual networking activities.

So, with that in mind we are delighted to introduce you to a new partnership organisation that we have recently started working with .

They are a very dynamic coaching community which we want to recommend to you, run by the energetic Mikkel Rohde Madsen and his lovely wife.

COACHING group on LinkedIn to follow if you wish to expand your professional network!

With more than 8,200 members and a high search ranking on LinkedIn, the COACHING group is one relevant resource for the coaching professionals.

Beside the coaching professionals, the members are  people buying coaching services, your potential clients.

If you need support on increasing your online efficiency, the NammaTimes’ team assists the members in creating content to share with the group and ensuring the best possible results for all.

Based on a strategic partnership between Noble Manhattan Coaching and NammaTimes certain relevant services are made available in preferential conditions for the community.

Mikkel Rohde Madsen is the Chief of NammaTimes.

Experienced sales, marketing and communications professional, with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Together with his spouse Camilla Rohde Madsen, having in 2009 founded the consulting firm NammaTimes in Copenhagen, that today with a diverse and international client portfolio is positioned as a leader within content and community building.

You can connect via his LinkedIn profile or e-mail him at


Independent consulting firm with office in Copenhagen, Denmark.

At NammaTimes is supporting his clients with their stakeholder relationship activities. They do this by building targeted stakeholder communities for our clients, delivering greater returns on key stakeholder relationships and unique opportunities for thought leadership. They work closely with the clients owning relevant resources and can undertake the full process or selected parts. It being for Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer purposes and independent of his clients preferred platform. For example LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blog sites or other. In order for you to build a thriving stakeholder community, it has to be a strategic initiative in your organisation, with a clear purpose and a long term plan backed by resources for execution. A thriving community deliver measurable returns on – Client and recruitment leads – Engagement and insights – Targeted website traffic and content views – Followers across all platforms – Seminar participation – Thought leadership among key stakeholders

Happy networking,

Gerard O’Donovan