Day 48 & 49

Frustrated and grateful – Lycra and Addiction
Still in Brixen- in the South Tyrol in Northern Italy
Sitting in a cafe 200 m from a BMW motorbike dealership while they work on my bike. All being well I should be on the road by middle of the afternoon.
And although it’s frustrating I have to admit I am hugely grateful for all the help I have received. The way that the AA breakdown service dealt with me was impressive and reassuring. The guys who came to pick me up in a breakdown truck were excellent and could not have been more accommodating and the BMW dealership I took the bike to this morning have been incredibly professional and seem to be very knowledgeable.

So overall I am incredibly thankful and grateful and of course the truth is it was a breakdown not an accident. You see in accidents people get hurt, in breakdowns not usually.
It reminds me of a phrase my good friend Jim Giles used to tell me.
He said it’s not that big a problem mate
” Nobody Is Shooting at Us”
it puts things into perspective

I have taken this enforced 2 day stop as an opportunity to rest and recuperate.
Yesterday spent day relaxing-exploring – and washing my kit
— to be honest I am not sure it need it-I have only been on the road 48 days and I did bring three pairs of everything, T-shirts, underwear and socks- but I thought what the heck give them a wash anyway 🙂
It has also given me a couple of days to simply look back on my trip so far and reflect.

I am hugely impressed by the amount of people in the Alps out walking and hiking and riding bikes- -Especially the ones who seem very advanced in years some of them look incredibly fit- Good on them !

However – and it is a BIG HOWEVER –
Middle aged men in Lycra – DON’T – It’s Just Wrong !!-

Also riding through these beautiful Alpine villages I noticed that they seem to build the church’s on a hill half a mile above the village why is that-
So people have a an endurance test to get to the church each time- why would they do that?

ADDICTION, every single country I have passed through I have noticed that almost everyone is glued to their smart phone. Even when they are sitting in cafes together in groups everyone is glued to their screen, what is that all about!!–Have they forgotten how to actually talk?


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