Executive coaching alone won’t deliver sustained results

Diverse perspectives are essential for better decision-making. A Alpha peer advisory board gives members a trusted sounding board of 12-16 high-performing CEOs, business owners and key executives who are focused on your challenges.

They draw on the experience of peers who’ve faced similar situations and can ask the tough questions. Now deepen that peer advisory group experience with one-to-one executive coaching.

You won’t find another organization with a more comprehensive, effective approach to helping CEOs become better leaders, make better decisions and drive better results. It’s been our winning formula for over 10 years.

I just wanted to touch base with you after sending out the information that you requested, now I know that you may have just requested it because you were curious, however you were highly recommended to me and that hence is the reason I sent you the information. By listening to this it will give you an insight to what we do.

Peer groups help SME’S to bridge the gap between reality and the future more successfully.

They hear real experiences that are relevant to their situation.

Make faster and better business decisions based on facts.

Become more proactive and less reactive when running their business.

Save their company money.

Did you know that Peer Groups are not a place where business owners meet with their friends or even make new ones, It’s also not a place to identify prospective clients or business partners.. It’s not even a networking group- although some do loosely refer to it as such. The meetings are not social events, they are structured, focused meetings that achieve a stated purpose; to help each other address business ideas, problems, and growth in a trusting and open environment through their own experiences, insight and perspective. They must adhere to the highest level of confidentiality and accountability.

Peer Groups are not new, but business owners often confuse them with other groups, such as Advisory Councils and networking groups. They may sound similar, but they are, in fact quite different.

A Peer Group consists of a group of Peers relied on for unbiased advice, insight, perspective, opinions, comments, expertise, experience and of course accountability. A group of advisors who look through the windshield verses the rear-view mirror. Their purpose is to see and strive for what lies ahead, not what’s behind.

What does a Regional Director look like? Imagine a meeting in which all members gain new insight that they can put to practical use in their business. Some might call them epiphanies, we call them AHA moments, and they are very common in properly facilitated Peer Groups (Alpha Boards) When facilitators guide the group to challenge its perspectives, good solutions arise.

The right facilitator does not attempt to impress, but as a result of doing his or her job well he or she is impressive

If you would like to speak with me about this business opportunity and you have listened to the webinar then why not have a coffee on Skype with me and I will gladly answer any questions you may have.

I have just created the next UK training course for Regional Directors which will be on the 04th September in Central London.

This course will be very busy and likely to be full very quickly, if you wish to reserve your place, as a Regional Director for The Alpha Group, why not contact me for a further brief chat.


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