Here at the-Coaching Blog-run by Gerard O’Donovan, our aim is to constantly bring value to those seeking to improve their lives. Therefore we have a policy of publishing articles and materials by guest authors whom we value and appreciate. Today’s guest author is Bianca Tudor.

After all, the value of your company is your value as an entrepreneur. What can you do for yourself?

I think the awaken moment was when I moved to Bucharest to study, zero connections and outside comfort zone!

I got from zero connections in an unknown city, build a career, a business, a network of people, a community of women entrepreneurs and a unique concept of networking, networking and entrepreneurship.

How? Networking is a process, not an event!

Knowing the people, being curious to know their life stories, and keeping a close relationship with them = networking

From “I” to “We”

I think we are approaching a time when we begin the transition from a mentality of “I” to one of “Us”. We begin to find time, a few -now at the beginning of a change of paradigm, for thinking-to be a little more attentive to those around us. We start to express ourselves with more commitment and passion. We begin to discover what it means actually starting to understand networking and the fact that it is a process and not an event.

Network, network, network

Almost all the conversations that I have with my customers, vendors and also friends or close collaborators are repetitive, obsessive right around the same questions: how you can increase your value in the market as a professional, employee or entrepreneur?

After all, the value of your company is your value as an entrepreneur!

Not by chance I made this claim.

Coming to study in Bucharest, I saw myself forced to do something, because I really wanted more than just a “warm” job in a multinational. Yes, I got to work in a multinational just at 19 years old, I am deeply grateful to the manager who recruited me and believed in me (Thanks Anne-Marie) Later, at 22 years old, I became a member and later Director of personal development and Training at Junior Chamber International Bucharest. Why? The desire to meet people and connect with other professionals who have the same objectives and that together they can grow and develop personally and professionally.

I vowed to sum it up my experience and to come with 3 steps for an effective network and networking. …  Yes, you can!

Three steps to an effective networking

  1. Create a personal relationship with people, know their story!

A warm recommendation during networking events, Elite Business Club for practice on the pattern of pitching, networking, and entrepreneurial pill.

Conferences, networking events are excellent opportunities to meet new people. All contacts  obtained or reconfirmed during these events are recorded in a database. Yes?

How do I networking at the events?

I prepare the participation in the event by setting the objectives of participation and find out who’s coming. I always end up earlier), even in Bucharest!

Two, I schedule an enthusiastic mindset and positive (no one wants to discuss with a gloomy and pessimistic).

Three, I connect with people encountered under common affinities or contacts and confirm a further meeting where I can present my company’s services.

  1. LinkedIn

Will sound incredible and I am ready for it!

My presence on LinkedIN, the professionalism with which I use this social network and the targeted activity, brought me the last two major projects in which I was involved and that helped me ENORMOUSLY to grow!

I met Le Roi Bear, from South Africa, on LinkedIn, the partner of Female Leadership. Yes, we have connected, we exchanged ideas, visions and values, we discovered that we shared the passion for #Leadership and we created together #Female Leadership Organization,. A project which was redefined in 2015 in Elite Business Women.

Moreover, I got to work with the first Coaching Organisation in Europe, Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd, as Regional Division Director for Alpha Group International, dedicated to business growth in SMEs sector.

How I get connected with Gerard O’Donovan CEO, Noble Manhattan? Within the LinkedIn platform, the result has been already revealed!

You already got the idea, isn’t it? The Alpha Group, dedicated to increase the SME sector, Female Leadership Organization, have brought me to Elite Business Women, a new business in the area of social entrepreneurship, combining two great passions: entrepreneurship and leadership.


# Contacts quality, the quality of groups in which the person is a member, the type of comments that you post in discussion groups, all of this are a very good source of information and an important factor in designing a professional profile.

  1. Facebook

The most Elite actions, but also mines, are scheduled and advertised on Facebook.

I see Facebook as well as Office work.

When passing someone’s Office, I am always drawn to pictures, and the way in which the person concerned has a custom workspace. Thus, in an instant, I make a point of view about that person’s life. Photos and videos posted, links, applications, give a reasonably good picture of preferences and areas of interest of the person in question.

Conclusion? Facebook is your Office at work, customise it so that you know to help you market your personal brand.

How you can increase the market value as an employee, contractor, and professional? I hope this article will guide you!


About Bianca Tudor

Bianca Tudor is the Founder of Elite Business Women and a Managing Partner of More Solutions.

A communication, enthusiast person. She never misses an opportunity to see the glass half full. Bianca enjoys creating new possibilities for herself. “Can do” attitude, career driven. Self motivated and open to change, not taking part in the action, but being part of it.





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