Here at the-Coaching Blog-run by Gerard O’Donovan, our aim is to constantly bring value to those seeking to improve their lives. Therefore we have a policy of publishing articles and materials by guest authors whom we value and appreciate. Today’s guest author is Cristina Burca (Romania)


  • What are the Latest & Effective Coaching Models used worldwide?
  • What tools do you use to make your coaching work stand out?
  • How do you Shift perspective & Create Lasting Results for your Clients?

Grab a coffee and stay tuned as we take the Global pulse from 3 Business & Life Coaches from Canada, UK and Romania. Practices that work worldwide, Trends and Breakthroughs, in the interview below!

Q1: What are the Latest & Effective Coaching Models?

Mihaela Stroe Phd (MS), Behavioural Analyst, Coach, Trainer, Author and motivational Speaker: Group Coaching is one of the latest models that I use and it works perfectly both for my clients, and for myself. Benefits: people learn from each other valuable life experience and get new ideas that they can test immediately in their Business, profession and/or Personal life.

Another tool that I use for more than a year now – with great success – is Timewaver, an innovative instrument that works with the information field to detect negative beliefs and emotional blockages, and helps to restore all parameters and optimise people’s lives.

Kileha Holder (KH), Lifestyle Change Coach for Entrepreneurs: The most recent and effective coaching model of our time appears to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  The reprogramming of one’s unconscious mind to activate it to help you attain the things you want in life.  From my studies of psychology, the mind and human behaviour as well as personal experience it is very clear that our subconscious mind is the one in control and when you can learn to take control of it, anything you desire is possible.

Jo Ritchie (JR), Personal and Business Coach, Corporate Trainer: It’s no longer enough to be an experienced and intellectually capable leader. Today’s business environment requires the development of Emotional Intelligence, as well as mental acuity, and the ability to demonstrate Authenticity in the workplace – the need to support and encourage the personal growth of employees, not just their technical skills and abilities. Key figures like Daniel Goleman and Brené Brown are emphasising the need for emotional intelligence and for the expression of vulnerability in order to develop a resilient workforce who can face the rapidly changing nature of today’s business environment.

These skills can be unlocked through Business or Leadership Coaching – where we focus on increased self-awareness, reflection and insight to develop the ability to attract, influence and inspire others. Thus, not only becoming an effective and influential Leader, but also a fulfilled Human Being.

Q2: What are the Tools you use to make your work Stand out as memorable?

MS: In Business Coaching I frequently use:

  • the GROW coaching tool from Sir Whitmore (Goals, Reality check, possible Options, Wrap-Up with an Action Plan) and
  • the Flight Plan tool from Brian Tracy.

I give daily/ weekly assignments to my clients and ask them to make their Action Plans to achieve their Business/ Professional Objectives

In Life Coaching I use mostly: Socratic dialogue, visualisation, guided fantasy, assignments and Actions Plans to achieve their Personal Objectives. In addition, my coaching style includes key skills drawn from my 20y experience as a sociologist, behavioural analyst and

  • Active listening
  • Observation (mostly nonverbal)
  • Calibration with the client
  • Feedforward (powerful technique on which I wrote in my 2nd book, “Be First in Your Life!”
  • Techniques for working on resistance to change
  • Timewaver tool for detection of negative beliefs and emotional blockages.

KH: I have a 5-step process that I use to help my clients develop their own roadmap to successfully achieve their goals.

  • Step 1: Self Discovery
  • Step 2: Overcoming Challenges
  • Step 3: Planning to Succeed
  • Step 4: Taking Action
  • Step 5: Your Drive and Energy

This allows me to get a clear picture of where they are, where they want to go and what they need to work on in order to attain the goals they have set for themselves.

JR: There is a broad range of tools available to support people in having a fulfilled, mindful and joyful life, and business owners succeed. The tools I use are drawn from my training and experience, including psychology, coaching theory and practice, neuroscience, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), mindfulness training and even yoga, martial arts and breathwork.

As we are starting to see a new model emerging in recent years, of Authenticity in Business, I work with individuals in organisations to help them be their authentic selves and uncover their existing strengths and development areas within, rather than just trying to build their technical skills and knowledge base.

Q3: How do you “Break the Ice,” Get Out of a Rut, shift Perspective and create AHA Moments?

MS: I use active listening and nonverbal calibration to break the ice with my clients. To get out of a rut I use guided fantasy and assignments. To shift perspective, I use the Timewaver tool to detect negative beliefs and emotional blockages. To create AHA moments I use feedforward technique.

KH: Asking questions is the most powerful tool you can use. It helps them to start questioning their beliefs, actions, decisions.  It also helps them and me to get a clearer picture of their perspective of the situation.  Just asking “have you thought about “XYZ?” will elicit that aha moment for them.

JR: People are AMAZING and capable of great things when given the support and accountability a coach can provide. Whilst I generally have a supportive and a listening coaching style, I do challenge clients to step up and stretch themselves to achieve things they previously did not think possible – and always with great results. I always remind my clients how facing fear and stepping out of our comfort zone helps us to grow.

More about the activity of the interviewed Coaches, below:

About Cristina Burca,

Cristina has contributed to the iCN magazine since 2014, by interviewing coaches around the world to shed a light in this fascinating personal and professional development field. Cristina worked as journalist in Romania (2006-2008) and then moved to Brussels to work in EU affairs. After an international journey in PR, education and tourism, taking her from Germany to Malaysia and back to Europe, she is now managing the brand of a renowned business and life coach in Romania.






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