Announcing the Inaugural Noble Manhattan Coaching and The Alpha Group Conference

Come and join us in beautiful Antalya in southern Turkey on the 21st 22nd of October 2019 for the first of its kind conference ever in the history of Noble Manhattan and The ALPHA Group. This conference will be small, intimate and incredibly motivating- with a focus on Building Your Personal Coaching Business

Simply complete the form below to register your interest, you are absolutely under no obligation whatsoever-

However if you do register your interest, you will automatically be entitled to the early bird price of £49.50 instead of the normal price of £197.50, this conference will be different to almost all others we are deliberately keeping it small, intimate with the chance to listen to mingle and meet with some of the best business development consultants and coaches in the world.!!!!

People who really are working with businesses helping them to double within 2 to 3 years and building their own coaching consulting practices like crazy !!!!

We have also negotiated the most incredible deal with the four-star hotel.

For approximately £45 per person- double room, ensuite, balcony, breakfast, lunch, evening meal, unlimited teas coffees and snacks, and incredibly — unlimited alcohol.

Believe it or not the summer months are a great time of year for business owners and leaders to reflect, review or reinvent.

Long, lazy, sunny days provides a great opportunity to take time out to jump start your business for the busy months ahead. Yes, the summer can be a slow period of time for a lot of entrepreneurs in the warmer months, as clients, customers and other businesses take time off, go on holiday or spend leisure time with their family.

However, you should not let this time go to waste because the great news is; you can take advantage of this period to analyse your business performance from the previous year. High performers are obsessive goal setters and are part of an accountability group to accelerate the value of their business and ensure that they are able to achieve peak performance.

Yes, SME’s are facing some of the toughest challenges to date. With high street closures, corporate downsizing and mass job losses, many business leaders are struggling during this period of economic and political uncertainty. But don’t despair. This is the perfect time to refresh your corporate vision; upskill your leadership and management skills and look to work with like-minded business owners to work on your immediate strategic challenges.

The benefit of working with a board of peers is that they give you fresh insights and perspectives. They are able to help you identify potential problems; discover pragmatic solutions for future challenges, create contingency plans and make you accountable for taking action in your business.

Working with high performers allows you to spot potential niches, customers or times of year that you can use to your advantage and better plan around them, with greater impact when the time comes to deliver.

Don’t underestimate the value in taking time out of your business. It will guarantee you come back to work feeling refreshed, energised and raring to go. Motivation is contagious. Your staff, stakeholders and customers will see the difference. With a relaxed and clear mind, you can focus on bringing your business to a new level of productivity, proficiency and profitability.

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£6500one-off fee
  • For a one-off fee, you are able to submit your own post on the worlds’ largest coaching blog.


£25000three month slot
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