Message From The CEO

Good morning everyone from a rather wet and windy Weymouth in the south of England-

Having just returned yesterday from Antalya in southern Turkey were not only the weather was wonderful, but also the atmosphere ,the food and training.

We ran for the first time ever our Combined Noble Manhattan and Alpha Group Conference- which was a roaring success.

It was so wonderful to meet all of our lovely coaches and leaders and directors from all over the world. We had people coming from as far afield as Singapore, USA, Adelaide in Australia, Lebanon, Dubai, Moldova, and all points in between.

We have now decided to make this an annual event and run it again in the same location next October.

It would be wonderful to see you all there.

We also have run for the first time in Florida a full PCD residential Coach training experience which under the leadership of Anthony and Jennifer went incredibly well.

It looks like we will be doing the same again every three or four months in the USA.

Looking forward to catching up with all of you on my travels over the next few months.

Lots of love,

Gerard O’Donovan

Founder and CEO

the Noble Manhattan Group



New Operations Manager for Noble Media

It is with extreme pleasure to officially announce the appointment of Michael O’Donovan as the new Operations Manager for Noble Media.

Noble Media was born out of Noble Manhattan Coachings’ vision of helping all future and practicing coaches, SME business owners, personal development specialists and anyone looking to work within the wonderful world of coaching and business development.


New Generation of Coaches Ready

to Take Off in the USA

2019 was a great year for Noble Manhattan. Between our many awards, developing coach training in new territories and other great strides forward – we are delighted to report that we have run our first residential training as part of the Advanced Practitioner Coach Certificate in the United States in sunny Florida.

This wonderful training was done in partnership with the Hippocrates Health Institute and under the leadership of the local Noble Manhattan representatives Jennifer Helen Popken and Anthony Vernon! Well done; The Noble Manhattan family is proud of you!


Our Master Distributors in California & Florida

Jennifer Helen Popken,

Lifestyle Coach

Anthony Vernon

Life & Business Coach


In the wonderful setting of the Hippocrates Health Institute, an oasis of peace-devoted to a healthy lifestyle, 15 people gathered to deepen their knowledge of professional coaching with the help of our amazing trainers, the students increased their confidence and skills and left and with a great thirst for developing coaching in their personal and professional life.

Do you want to find out more about this advanced certificate in coaching?



Gerard O’Donovan,
NMC’s CEO, Master Coach, Trainer & Speaker


Borislava Loboshka,
NLP Master Coach


Katrin Prentice,
Accredited Master Coach


Looking forward for the next trainings in the USA in March and to work with the next generation of coaches. Trainings also available in Europe, Asia, Africa- Just Ask?

A Very Successful NM & TAG Conference

The Antalaya, Turkey Conference at was a great success.

We had some wonderful speakers, a great audience, a fantastic venue, wonderful food and atmosphere and really helpful information, tips, trainings to benefit everyone. And lots of sun!

A very huge thank you goes out to the following people who helped to organise and run the three different events, we had which were the five day alpha group training, the three-day PCD residential and the two-day NM and Alpha conference.

Iulia Sorescu, Pauline Sawaya & Colin Lindsay, they did a magnificent job organising flawless events.

We decided that since the pilot conference was successful, we will be doing the same next year. It will be in the same venue in Antalya in Turkey and it will be during the first two weeks of October. But first, we will check on school holidays, et cetera and will be able to get back to you all with concrete dates very soon.

We are also going to build in a one day for all Master Distributors – this gives all of you one year to put it in your diaries and prepare. Full details, itineraries and so on will come out in the near future, but the plan is to again have a three-day PCD – A 5 day Alpha regional directors training and a two or three-day conference. So watch out for it in the upcoming newsletter.

Be the CEO of your Career An Interactive Workshop with Hulya Kurt

Are you just “surviving” your career? Or accepting crumbs? Or being overlooked for promotions? Or stuck in the same old boring position?

Then come and learn from Hulya Kurt, a woman who built a career from scratch, without a university degree, and reached the upper echelons of management at a Fortune 500 company.

The event will be on Wednesday 20 Nov 2019 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm at Centre de l’Espérance, 8 rue de la Chapelle, 1207 Geneva, Switzerland.

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7 Tips on How to Win & Keep Clients

Coaching and mentoring experts IAPC&M are revealing industry secrets on client retention in their brand-new book, How to Win & Keep Clients.

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Their success guide also comes complete with a foreword written by Olympic Team GB Silver medallist Leon Taylor, who is now himself a motivational speaker and coach. To further their coaching support for those ready to grow their businesses and achieve success, IAPC&M have provided 7 go-to chapters filled with successful strategies for winning and keeping those all-important clients.

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