To All the Noble Manhattan Family of Distributors,Leaders, Partners, Faculty, Alpha Directors- Support Group Teams, IT Team, Administration Teams, Ambassadors  etc  ( over 400 )

Good Morning Everyone

I have some interesting and exciting news-

The ALPHA Group – a major division of Noble Manhattan- is launching a new set of worldwide lectures-which are called-

The Foresight Lectures-

These are going to be completely FREE-

The first is on Tuesday the 21st  July at 11 am -UK time– we are delighted to have as our first speaker- the famous- Peter Thomson-

one of the world’s greatest personal development trainers and gurus-

To register for this free lecture please go here

The Alpha Group- as many of you will know works exclusively with owners of SMEs in 26 countries around the world-

all of these lecturers are aimed at helping business owners of any size, to build, grow, develop and expand and to be aware of the methods and techniques needed to take their business forward.

Don’t Miss out


To Your Future Success