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Antalya, Turkey

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Come and join us in beautiful Antalya in southern Turkey on the 21st 22nd of October 2019 for the first of its kind conference ever in the history of Noble Manhattan and The ALPHA Group. This conference will be small, intimate and incredibly motivating- with a focus on

Building Your Personal Business

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However if you do register your interest, you will automatically be entitled to the early bird price of £49.50 instead of the normal price of £197.50, this conference will be different to almost all others we are deliberately keeping it small, intimate with the chance to listen to mingle and meet with some of the best business development consultants and coaches in the world.!!!!

People who really are working with businesses helping them to double within 2 to 3 years and building their own coaching consulting practices like crazy !!!!

We have also negotiated the most incredible deal with the four-star hotel.

For approximately £45 per person- double room, ensuite, balcony, breakfast, lunch, evening meal, unlimited teas coffees and snacks, and incredibly — unlimited alcohol

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Regional Director, London


After a successful business career, spanning 40 years incorporates and SMEs, across a variety of sectors, I am now a Speaker, Mentor, Trainer, and Coach as well as Director Consultant at BNI in Kent and a Regional Director in Kent and London for the Alpha Group Executive Board.


“Understanding the Buyers Journey

How to attract your ideal Leads and convert them into Clients “


Regional Director, London UK


How to attract your ideal Leads and convert them into Clients ”

Dr Gary Coulton – Alpha Group Regional Director London and Surrey; CEO Adaptive Intelligence Consulting Limited.

Gary has been a university academic, teacher, business owner, innovator, executive coach, consultant, sports coach, scientific researcher helping people and organizations achieve outcomes beyond expectations. Gary brings scientific rigor with a human touch to focus on his clients’ need for productive change.

For many years Gary worked at the interface between academic research and business working as a consultant to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. As a university Dean of Enterprise, spun out companies, exploited IP, and managed seed capital investment. He developed a reputation for innovation and transformational change.

Gary’s an expert senior-level group facilitator and innovative executive coach, supporting the personal and the business agendas of his clients. He’s the creator of the Adaptive Intelligence Pathway.

Gary’s passions are his family and marathon kayaking.


Core values as a competitive business advantage

People do business with companies they trust. What are your business’s core values, and how well do you live up to them? How can core values become the foundation of trust?

In this interactive presentation, we’ll discover your core values, how they’re shared with everyone else, and how to leverage as a business competitive advantage.

We’ll also see what happens to companies when they get it WRONG!


Regional Director, Levant


Pauline Sawaya is a Senior Executive with over 25 years of experience in local and multinational companies. A highly respected Master Coach, Mentor, Leader, Consultant, HR, and Transformational trainer. Her portfolio of Coaching is extensive from Executive, Career, Performance Coaching, Youth Leadership, Young Women,  always empowering people to make a Swift Shift to the Top.


Personal Brand is where you Stand.

The Five questions to ask yourself so you Stand your Brand. Draft your Unique Value Proposition to the world and align your Passion, Purpose to your Brand.


Regional Director, London UK


Sonia Brown MBE is an award-winning business communicator, uber connector, coach, trainer, writer and diversity maverick with over two decades’ experience as a brand leadership expert and business keynote speaker.


Brand You and EVOLVE

What story are you telling the world about your business?

If you are ready to move your business from the shadow to the spotlight it’s time to Brand you and EVOLVE!

This presentation is aimed at those looking to clarify their brand message, position their expertise and increase their visibility in six simple steps. It’s a great opportunity to discover how to create a compelling and authentic personal strategy that will catapult your business brand and status!


Regional Director, Dubai


I coach and mentor SME CEOs and their teams who are striving to break through barriers, which could be Revenue, Profit, People, Cashflow or any combination of these that are creating a feeling of being trapped in their business. My Number One Goal is Freedom for the CEO.


“How to leverage LinkedIn to 10x your Alpha Group business by attracting your ideal profitable customers”

An overview of how to efficiently utilize the power of LinkedIn and business automation as you grow your board members and Regional Director network. I’ll present a methodology that will enable to open your first board and recruit your first Regional Director within 5 weeks.


Noble Manhattan Coaching Americas, President


Charles Clement is President of Noble Manhattan Americas (NMCA), a coach training organization within the Noble Manhattan Coaching LTD family of master distributors. In addition, Charles has a substantial business consulting practice including the Coach 2 Work Academy (, a “virtual” e-learning & business development platform augmented with a business coach.

We teach business owners a simple 5 step PROFIT FORMULA that allows them to out-think, out-market and out-sell their competition, now!



Learn to implement 8 simple strategies that are proven revenue generators for any small business. Most business owners know nothing about these strategies, and therefore, are failing to capitalize on their revenue-generating power.


Regional Director, Dubai


Krysta Fox is a passionate business leader on a mission to help others to inspire their teams. Seeing herself as a corporate ‘changeologist’ she has learned that courage, curiosity, collaboration, and caring are essential elements to sustaining high business performance. Krysta captained the dramatic transformation of the world’s best free zone. She harnesses life’s lessons and believes corporate life can be better for everyone.


Leveraging the Power of Your Alpha Workbooks

A practical look at the Alpha Group Workbooks and how they empower you to support business leaders.

As an Alpha Group Regional Director, you have been given a set of 50 workbooks and a gold coaching guide. Do you know how they fit together? When you work with clients, do you know which tools you have ‘at the ready’ to support their journey? Do you know how to leverage the workbooks as an adjunct to your Gold Coaching? Are you well prepared to deliver an engaging session each and every board?

If you answered ‘no’ to one or more of these questions, then this practical session may be helpful. We will take a look at the conceptual framework of the TAG workbooks and try to answer those questions. This session is likely to be most useful for RD’s who like structure, patterns, and frameworks. It will be helpful to those who want to ‘fast track’ their knowledge of the themes and deliverables of the workbooks. The session includes a review of the top ten most powerful workbooks and why they are so helpful for the growth of SMEs.



£6500one-off fee
  • For a one-off fee, you are able to submit your own post on the worlds’ largest coaching blog.


£25000three month slot
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