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Hello Everyone


I can’t believe how quickly the year is going by. Here we are almost at the end of September.


I came back from my 60 day motorbike trip almost exactly one month ago. My trip was not only an incredible adventure going through 20 countries and doing just under 10,000 km- but it was also a research and development expedition.


Allowing me to take the temperature of the population in many countries such as Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia, Montenegro and many others relating to the world of Coaching and Training to be a Coach.


I have to say I was incredibly pleased at the reaction I got right across the continent.


When I told people that I was a – Professional Life Coach- the amount of people that said they have considered having a coach or training to be a coach was quite large.


So I know that we are in an industry that is well received, well respected and growing, and also allows us to do but I firmly believe is Good In The World.


The ability to reach into the heart of another human being and help them to build and grow, to understand their true core values and to empower them to set goals in areas that will bring them happiness and fulfilment is truly a wonderful thing.


There are very few careers in the world that allow you to do that.


We are blessed





The iCN’s 22nd (Wellness & Holistic Coaching) edition is Inspired by coaches to guide others forge their own unique path toward greater well-being, a holistic view of the importance of growth and the power of self. To download, simply click HERE.


To contact the Editor email Lovelia Caracut  editor@international-coaching-news.net

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Earlier this month Noble Manhattan group not only won one, but four awards & recognition. Three of those awards were given by Global Business Insight Awards 2018, to Noble Manhattan Coaching CEO Gerard O’Donovan as the Best Life & Corporate Coach Training 2018 for UK, Managing Director & Master Distributor (UK) Ian Jefferis for Most Dynamic in Corporate Coach Training Solutions 2018-UK and Managing Director & Master Distributor (Lebanon) Pauline Sawaya for Most Dynamic in Corporate Coaching Training Solutions 2018-Lebanon. Another noteworthy recognition from CV Magazine as one of the Leading Coaches from Bulgaria our Managing Director & Master Distributor (Bulgaria) Katrin Prentice.


These awards are a real reflection of the caring and consideration by our wonderful faculty, mentors and partnership teams.




Here are some trainings & Masterclass you might be interested in:


Noble Manhattan Coaching (NMC)

Coaching Masterclass Program with Supervision and Mentoring

Starting this November 29, 2018, NMC is launching its FIRST ever 10 module coach-specific training in SKOPJE, all carried out face-to-face over a period of 10 months. All successful graduates will receive an official Certificate in Applied Core Coaching Competence.


The very first coaching Masterclass of the program, will be led by Gerard O’Donovan himself and Katrin Prentice, Accredited Master Coach and Master Distributor for Noble Manhattan in the Balkans / Europe-CE Region.


For more information click HERE



Level II Coaching: MasterClass at Hippocrates

The Hippocrates LifestyleTM MasterClass Coaching program is over 4 days in January 2019 with additional online advanced training. Training lead by: Gerard O’Donovan – Europe’s Leading Life Coach Trainer & Jennifer Helene, M.S. – Hippocrates Master Coach & Coach Trainer. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity with limited space. We are scouting for top talent to work with the Hippocrates Team from those who attend this four-day immersion event, January 11-14th 2019.


For more information click HERE.



Accredited School Coach Training: Another Global First for NMC

NMC is delighted to be offering a unique, accredited school coach training programme, the first of which started last May. This joint venture between NMC (UK) and the School Performance and Wellbeing Alliance (SPWA) brings to market a completely new concept, combining life coaching techniques and ‘The Other Subject’ © to lay down a comprehensive strategy for reducing and even preventing mental health issues in schools.


The programme has been developed and authored by Rachela Leonello, NMC Graduate, Accredited Master Coach (AMC), School Coach and Psychotherapist. The set of 6 courses covers each of two age ranges. Each group comprises the following three courses:

  1. Foundation – schools/school staff.
  2. Certificate – therapists/qualified coaches.
  3. and as an additional section subsumed into the NMC Practitioner Coach Diploma for those wishing to become professional coaches and concentrate on the child/teenage sector.


For further details, and for opportunities to provide the programme in other countries, contact the UK Master Distributor: ian.jefferis@noble-manhattan.com



Launching in Moldova

In partnership with International Coaching Solution – Diana Moraru and Evenda we have the pleasure to launch Noble Manhattan’s operations in Moldova.


The interested people can meet us and Gerard privately or during our first event in Chisinau – “Introduction to Coaching”.


Get in touch by email at office@professional-coach-training.com for more information.



Noble Manhattan Coaching Americas Training Platform: Same Quality, 100% Online

Our objective is to offer you all the most flexible and enriching coach training ever! You can now complete your training 100% electronically, while not losing the mentoring and coaching support for a fulfilling Noble Manhattan Coaching experience. Without compromising the content, quality, or the interactivity, we now offer the Life And Executive Coaching Foundations and the Practitioner Coaching Diploma on an online course platform.

Our Autumn Promotion:


Which one is for you? Check it and benefit from major discounts and special bonuses. Only this autumn: https://nmca-coaching-school.thinkific.com/




We are delighted to announce the following new coaching support groups which have launched and are about to launch:


• CSG Plodiv, Bulgaria

Under the leadership of Gergana Nikolova



• CSG Brasov, Romania

Under the leadership of Dana Costea



• CSG Basel, Switzerland

Under the leadership of Dr. Sabrina Naseem



• CSG Vienna, Austria

Under the leadership of Roman Buryta



• CSG Biel, Switzerland

Under the leadership of Jaya Lisa (Mary Jane) Saunders



• CSG Geneva, Switzerland

Under the leadership of Barbara (Tejada) Roux-Levrat


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