Here at the-Coaching Blog-run by Gerard O’Donovan, our aim is to constantly bring value to those seeking to improve their lives. Therefore we have a policy of publishing articles and materials by guest authors whom we value and appreciate. Today’s guest author is By Bob Larcher.

Personal DevelopmentA lot of our energy comes from the people around us

If you want to be; physically energised, emotionally connected, mentally focussed and spiritually aligned, you need to think about who you have around you

What sort of people do you have around you?

Engaged people, full of positive energy; motivating you, challenging you and firing you up to take on the world?

Relaxed people with mellow energy; quiet & serene helping you to recharge your batteries?

Defeated people with energy depletion; slowly sapping your energy by telling you how hopeless and worthless everything is?

Angry people full of negative energy; dragging you down into name calling & criticising and seeing the slightest cloud in a clear sky?

What are you doing to ensure you have the greatest quantity of physical energy, the highest quality of emotional energy, the clearest focus of mental energy and the maximum depth of spiritual energy?

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