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The PhD in Professional Coaching is designed to support and integrate the professional development of practitioners in executive and corporate coaching and to bring benefits to the organization in which they work. It aims to improve and enhance professional practice by providing practitioners with a range of research skills, tools and strategies that can be used to support practice-based research. Therefore, prospective applicants include experienced professionals in coaching, HR, management who wants to make a contribution to both knowledge and practice.

This innovative program is offered by Noble Manhattan in collaboration with Canterbury University on a distance basis to take advantage of a wide network of international academics and partnerships.

Key themes within the program are: approaches to research, expert practice, innovation in practice, application of psychological perspectives to various areas of review and research, review and implementation and education and learning.



Individualized approach

The program will be adapted to the needs of professionally qualified candidates by concentrating on study, development and research within a defined area of specialization.

Service focus

It offers the opportunity to develop their understanding of the service in which they find themselves and allows them to research areas on which they have impact.

Psychological perspectives

The understanding is focused on taking a psychological perspective to understanding one’s area and exploring how psychology can be applied in these settings.


The program provides a wide range of teaching, support and development opportunities. Each candidate will have a supervisory panel to support them through the course.


Emphasis on research and write up for publication: The components of the PhD portfolio are all geared towards getting the candidates work published and disseminated.


You don’t have to worry about fitting in everything in your schedule. The program is provided 100% online and the content is available on any device.

How Professional Coaching Helps

To be certain, professional coaching systems provide a bevy of benefits for businesses of all sizes. From helping to identify the leaders of tomorrow and growing them to improved quality of life and investment of employees, to providing a tangible reward to stockholders and partners, building a professional coaching culture for your business is a smart investment with immediate and long-term dividends. In general, successful coaching in the workplace should produce an improved quality of teamwork, stronger communication, increased job-satisfaction, a sense of ownership at all levels of the organization, and a more successful model for succession and career planning. With so much to gain and so much at stake, choosing the right partner to help you embark on a professional coaching focused model is crucial.
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Engage in reflective and reflexive activities to explore issues within the candidates’ professional field and/or place of work.

Provide an innovative contribution to the existing knowledge base and practice within their own profession, through on-going pieces of work and the final PhD Portfolio.

Make an original contribution to practice knowledge that extends the forefront of the discipline and merits publication.


Disseminate research outcomes clearly and effectively to specialist and non-specialist audiences to inform innovation and better ways of working within their professions, and foster research activity.

Manage and apply recommendations, emerging from research/project findings to contribute to practice change.

Develop the ability to challenge, in an innovative, substantive and creative manner, professional policies and practice existing within their respective areas.



With over 24 years of professional coaching experience, Noble Manhattan Coaching Americas sets itself apart with sheer knowledge. However, true to the values and growth based achievement we work to instill in others, we also provide support and courses for professional coaching in seven languages, possess 12 other divisions for additional support and education, and offer 18 distinct coaching programs for all coaching journeys.


CCCU is a modern university with an international profile, attracting students from across the globe. It has a network of five campuses reaching across Kent and Medway. The University has thousands of courses on offer in the arts and humanities, applied and social sciences. Nearly 90% of CCCU research submitted to the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) was assessed as world-leading, internationally excellent or internationally recognized. Further details available on www.canterbury.ac.uk.



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