Aiming to inspire people to lead boldly, Noble Manhattan Coaching Americas announces 3 Richmond area senior coaches joining the USA Faculty after obtaining Executive Corporate Coach and Elegant Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certifications in Tenerife, Spain.

Chuck Clement, Managing Director of Noble Manhattan Coaching Americas indicates the addition of Libby Dishner (MLHR, ACC), Catherine Murphy (ACC) and Kate Deaton (CPCC, Practitioner Anat Baniel Method Neuro-movement) will anchor and expand the USA leadership and workplace coach training solutions & team for the Mid-Atlantic region. Chuck further notes, “Each of these professional coaches blends a diverse skill-set into an intense, transformative training regimen to initiate leadership mind-set shifts.”

The coach training venue, Tenerife, Spain comprised over 10 countries in attendance to develop and master their individual coaching skills and techniques from life coaching, executive corporate coaching to leadership roundtable coaching. The international flavor of the participants did not dilute the combined energy of the group to “change the world” through the coaching experience.

About Noble Manhattan Coaching Americas (NMCA): NMCA is the USA master distributorship of Noble Manhattan, LTD lead by Chuck Clement, Managing Director. As part of world’s leading life & corporate coach training companies, it offers high quality coaching courses for individuals and organizations.


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