Noble Manhattan are delighted to announce another successful Alpha Group launch.

We’re so happy to announce The Alpha Group is coming to West London on Tuesday 25th June, bringing with us a new way of increasing the value of your business!

We are often asked “what’s in it for me?”

Well, here are 7 reasons why it makes sense to become a Regional Director:

1. It provides a competitive income and works well alongside other coaching or training activities, roles and your other career interests

2. Have real independence – we’re not a franchise – and you can set your own work schedule

3. We provide ongoing training to all of our Regional Directors to help them remain on top of their game

4. You will be part of a huge, professional network of global coaches, consultants and facilitators

5. It will probably be the most stimulating and challenging work you’ve ever done

6. You’ll make a massive difference to your business community, a go-to person.

7. Be able to create a residual income based on 7 possible income streams.

Alpha Group launchWe’re going to be running The Alpha Group exclusive peer to peer advisory board at The Bridge Hotel, Middlesex and I’d like to invite you to come along.

The Alpha Group has been running for over nine years and has successfully gathered high-end business owners and leaders to explore and share their expertise on whatever aspects of their business needed a strategic boost.

At this informative event you will be using a step-by-step workbook system that has been used to help thousands of business owners globally to double their value within two/three years and dominate their sector.

This is not theory or another Mastermind Group – these are the same steps The Alpha Group team have followed to build their own businesses in over 24 countries.

And that’s why they have been voted “The fastest growing Peer to Peer Executive Board in the World” And what next? Their mission is to help one million businesses to grow and thrive.

The Alpha Group exclusive peer to peer advisory board is more than teaching you about lead generation, you will learn:-

Sharing the knowledge and skills you already have in a collective setting.

Create strong business bonds, improve skills through sharing knowledge and help people build their brand Collective wisdom of our mastermind

Access to successful strategies that are working right now not ten years ago!

These board meetings are always a great way to step outside your business; analyse your most strategic challenges and transform your company with the collective wisdom of your fellow board members.

So what are you waiting for? Connect with us here


£6500one-off fee
  • For a one-off fee, you are able to submit your own post on the worlds’ largest coaching blog.


£25000three month slot
  • Above the fold rotating banner/box. Price is for a 3 month slot.