After helping thousands of people, and changing lives, in this fantastic book Eric Gilston reflects on his career – and turns his attention to helping YOU help others.

This book enables a clear understanding of what coaching is, a brief history of where it started, and the sort of people who need it. The key focus of the book is on the various tools that Eric has used over the past 17 years, and how he has used them in real situations that have arisen during coaching sessions.

The following people will find this book extremely useful: –

  • Life & Business Coaches who are looking for new ideas;
  • Parents struggling to get their message across to children;
  • Teachers talking to one of their students, and needing to try something different;
  • Headteachers wanting to talk to their staff about something personal;
  • Sports coaches finding a different way to verbalise their ideas;
  • Businesses needing to coach staff, at all levels.

“I have known Eric for 17 years and his passion for coaching, and devotion to helping others develop and grow is incredible. The World of Coaching needs more people like Eric Gilston.”

Gerard O’Donovan, CEO & Founder of Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd

About the author:

Eric Gilston has been a Life & Business Coach for the past 17 years, having qualified with the Life Coaching Academy. He has worked in numerous schools, colleges, Universities and businesses, coaching students and business people of all ages and at all levels. He has also coached numerous individuals on a one-to-one basis, ranging from 10 year olds through to Judges, Headteachers and CEO’s. He is also a qualified Retirement Coach, and a qualified FA Coach & Referee. He has worked for the multi-national companies Unilever & Grand Met in key Marketing roles, and been self employed for 27 years.

The Life Coach’s Toolbox: How to help you help others TODAY by Eric Gilston (published by Eric Gilston Publishing July 2018. RRP £15.00 Paperback, RRP £9.97 ebook) is available to purchase from Amazon, using the following link


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