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With Vera Niste, Coach and Business Mentor

Life Transitions never come in easy bites. They shake up your reality, bring internal turmoils, trigger self-discovery and alignment with one’s values & core passions.

We talk about all these today with Vera Niste, Life Coach and creator of the 6-month Coaching Program Dolce Vita&Business.

Too good to be True?

Keep reading as we reveal the IN’s and OUT’s of a Successful Life Transition.

Hello Vera and thank you for bringing your insights to this iCN Life Coaching edition!

  1. How are Life Transitions happening in general for the people you’ve coached and even for yourself? What processes/ steps do they trigger?

Changes in our lives occur continuously, whether we are aware of them or not. The good part is that we, humans, have the ability to choose what to do and where we want to move. This personal conscious evolution is the starting point in transforming our dreams into reality. That’s exactly what happened to me.

Even more, when I became aware that, in order to live a meaningful life, I needed to change something (and I changed a lot), the Universe paved my way. Because when you have a clear wish and act with faith, everything comes on your side!

From my personal transformation journey and of my clients, I drew out  five (5) essential steps:

  • Self-awareness: personal values, strengths and weaknesses/ challenges, limiting beliefs, personal inner dialogue.
  • Mental Setting: the art of understanding and controlling the Mind (our mental body).
  • Emotional intelligence: understanding/ listening to our emotions (emotional body) and their triggers, and transform them into an ally to clearly and empathically communicate in any setting (social, business, professional).
  • Physical awareness: observing/ listening to the physical body to understand the signals and act accordingly (to harmonise our life).
  • Respect for the Universal Laws: knowing the “rules of the game” and live in harmony with them, in order to attract in our life all the good pieces wanted (prosperity, health, relationships, success etc.).
  1. Core Values & Passions – what is the connection between these two and how can one bring both together to launch a meaningful & rewarding business?

Customers who have gone through the Self-Discovery and Awareness process acquired a much clear picture of their Personal Mission and Values that guide their life.

When you are clear with what you want and know what enlivens you, what really matters to you, what “gifts” you’ve been blessed with, the following step is simple: just get clarity on HOW to share your Passion/ Side Hustle with the world.

Thus, your business idea comes naturally, as an extension of yourself, of your life values and passions, that can help others too. Your Business fulfils your life purpose, nourishes your personal values, and brings your passions/ side hustle to life, while making a huge contribution to the world (be it your personal circle, or the international-scene).

The services and products born from a side hustle/ passion respond naturally to the needs and desires of the ideal customer, and the relationship is win-win.

Let’s take an example: say you like playing guitar and do this with your small-ones in the family in your spare time. Why not starting giving guitar classes in your local community? This could lead you in creating a small guitar-playing school and further develop the idea in ways which unfold themselves naturally as you keep doing what you love.

  1. Limiting mental patterns/ beliefs. Which ones are the most common and truly limit our potential to fully live a meaningful & aligned life?

We all have mental blockages concerning different areas of our life. The 1st & foremost step to eliminate/ transform it into winning belie0fs, is to become aware of the mental pattern, the limiting belief that generate these setbacks.

Limiting beliefs are stories we carry since childhood, as mental mantras that lead our behaviour, without questioning them, and even without realising it.

In the process of self-knowledge I work intensively with clients to identify such limiting mental patterns, and the most common I’ve noticed are:

➔        I’m not good enough.

➔        I can’t do it.

➔        I don’t deserve it.

There are even more limiting beliefs about money. We all have a Money Story in our mind and I strongly suggest you find your own mental story. And if it’s a negative, limitative one (i.e. Money is the root of all evil./ I’m just not good with Money./ You have to work (too) hard to get wealthy. etc.), start flipping the script straight away, so you can welcome Abundance and Prosperity into your life.

  1. Dolce Vita & Business – is it only a stereotype or can it truly be lived?

It depends on the perception of everyone!

We are the ones who create our reality and our faith shapes our existence!

  1. How do you live this LifeStyle yourself?

I personally think many of us can have a Dolce Vita&Business or Dolce Vita&Career, as per everyone’s call. I’ve always believed it was possible, however only 4 years back I had the courage to take the first step and start living it.

I’m now a living example that you can have a Meaningful Life, in Abundance, once you’ve discovered your True-Self, outside of any other social ‘faces’. When you become Aligned with your Divine-Self, you start living in the Flow (the optimal state of living, researched and promoted by the renowned psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi).

My program includes now:

➔        Qualitative Time with my Family (and my children enjoy it the most)

➔        a Prosperous Coaching Business, that sprang from realising my Personal Mission;

➔        Travel more and more (the fact that I have a business from my laptop allows me to travel whenever I need/ feel like).

  1. How do you accompany people to get to this point & make the Life Transition towards a Meaningful & Successful Business?

Firstly, I’m grateful to the Universe for guiding me in finding my Personal Mission, to guide anyone who is committed to dig deep and align with their True-Self, with their Core Values and thus, share their Passion with the World, in a prosperous Business. I warmly thank everyone who chose me to be their guide in this complex and enriching process.

I like to see myself as a traveling companion, a mentor for those decided to transform their lives for the good! I’m offering to my clients and also to my newsletter subscribers inspiring methods, tools & techniques to ignite their transformation:

➔        Self-knowledge, Self-esteem and Self-love

➔        Create a Mindset for Success

➔        Personal Mission discovery

➔        Structure to launch their Business from their side hustle/ passion

➔        Harmony in all aspects of their life, be they business/ career or general life related.

I draw this guidance firstly from my own experience of overcoming limitations and uncertainties (most of them mental barriers) and learning from my own challenges. And secondly, from all my mentors, trainers and coaches I’ve worked with and/or keep doing so, to be the best version of myself daily, for myself, my family and my business followers and clients.

I’m a whole believer and doer of the Love Leadership concept, initiated by John Hope Bryant, and the 1st Principle states: Loss creates Leaders! Thus, don’t be afraid to lose (a certain status – maybe a certain senior role in a corporation, or a certain financial security provide by that corporation), as you will grow infinite times faster and closer to your Real-Self!

I strongly recommend to iCN readers to choose Mentors for their growth (personal/ professional); Mentors who have successfully passed through similar challenges to those they are facing now. Because only such Mentors will understand and guide them best!

As a brief conclusion, the success of a Life Transition is directly determined by the individual commitment.

‘Everything is Possible’ is not only my personal credo, but also the one I encourage everyone to embrace: Dream, Believe, Achieve!

Thank you, Vera, for your insights. They will definitely spark a light in the mind of our readers & encourage the transformation everyone wants to do.

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