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This month we interview Business Consultant and Regional Director Geoff Jones.

I have spent 32 years in financial services working with clients to plan their financial lives, at our peak we were completing on £20,000,000.00 of mortgages a month.

Networking has been my passion over the last 17 years working with over 2,000 SME’s locally and building 10 groups of 20+ members on the Wirral and working with other groups in Liverpool sharing our success. I am known as “Marmite” love me or hate me.

I only have 1 passion “Your Success”

How would you describe The Alpha Group (TAG) helps business leaders to achieve their company’s full potential for growth and success by inspiring and motivating them to make transformational changes within their business.

It also builds a member’s leadership skills so that they enjoy personal success – inside and outside of their business.

Better leaders mean better, more successful businesses.

Business Consultant and Regional Director Geoff Jones.Why The Alpha Group?

After reviewing the marketplace of the other coaching companies and their propositions I was intrigued at the growth of The Alpha Group outside of the UK but not in the UK. To my delight that meant more opportunity for me to grow and develop the UK especially with a household name like Noble Manhattan as the Parent company with its many subsidiaries, it was a no brainer to apply to join.

I mean what a proposition Double the value of your business in just 2/3 years!!!! Now being a scouser (call me sceptic) I had to try this promise out. Do you know what? It really works as I now have clients that have achieved these figures within the 2/3 years. The board meeting is also an exciting meeting Structured, open, Confidential and most of all FUN and our members look forward to getting straight back and updating the board members of their actions and results as soon as the board reconvenes

How does The Alpha Group differ?

First and most important Cost. You don’t pay big upfront fees for the license as they believe you will succeed if you follow the formulae, their support is second to none as it is the power shared of the RD’s successes that we all learn together. Also, I’m unrestricted with how I wish to grow my business Worldwide so I see that in its self as massively different from any of the other players in the market

Why the one to watch?

I once saw accompany launch in the UK 22 years ago and many people said “That won’t work it’s American” the British won’t accept it

Well, it’s current membership is over 12,000 in the UK (known as BNI) As more people find out that The Alpha Group Doubles the value of Their businesses I can see our membership expand dramatically over the coming years. Have you ever wished “I wished I had been in at the start of that” Well I am and you could be too?

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£6500one-off fee
  • For a one-off fee, you are able to submit your own post on the worlds’ largest coaching blog.


£25000three month slot
  • Above the fold rotating banner/box. Price is for a 3 month slot.