Hi Everyone,

Here at Noble Manhattan coaching, we find ourselves in an interesting and unique position- one that opens up a very special opportunity for the right individuals or organization.

As you know, we work with- Master Distributors worldwide– This Is a Bit like a Master Franchise.

I have asked one of our existing Master Distributors to leave her role and to join our International Board of Directors as International Development Director-

While that is a wonderful opportunity and a big step forward for that individual-

it does mean that we now have an existing and successful Noble Manhattan master distributor territory available for the right individuals or organizations.

The territory that will becoming available within the next few months is

Romania, Hungary, and Serbia

This is and has been an incredibly successful territory for Noble Manhattan over the last seven years and will be hugely productive for the right Master Distributor.

This territory will be available either as three separate countries or one large region.

If you are an entrepreneur if you want to have your own incredible Coach Training organization and be part of the largest and most successful Coach Training Group in the world-established since 1995-

Then this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity-  when it is gone – it will be gone forever-

This opportunity is suitable for either- 

  • An Individual Entrepreneur or Investor
  • An Organisation
  • Or, a group of individual separate shareholders who come together as an interested body. (Full information available on request)

(this would be perfect for a group of individuals  who come together to own one of the world’s greatest Coach Training Schools)

If this is of interest to you, then we will be accepting

EOS’s – Expressions of Interest  – within the next two months and will be conducting interviews shortly thereafter.

However -If you would like more information NOW on this unique offer please email

Noble Manhattan International Development Team at  info@noble-manhattan.com




£6500one-off fee
  • For a one-off fee, you are able to submit your own post on the worlds’ largest coaching blog.


£25000three month slot
  • Above the fold rotating banner/box. Price is for a 3 month slot.