Here at the-Coaching Blog-run by Gerard O’Donovan, our aim is to constantly bring value to those seeking to improve their lives. Therefore we have a policy of publishing articles and materials by guest authors whom we value and appreciate. Today’s guest author is Krisztina Csurgo – iCN Journalist (Hungary/Egypt).


Once we start our journey as a new coach, mostly we will face with some challenges when it comes to building our business. The funny part is, that it was never easier to reach out for information as we can find huge amount of related tools and solutions online.

So then what are all our struggles about?

If you would ask the question from other coaches: How to put your name out there or how to attract your first clients? You would have 1000 different answers.

The simple secret is that we have to find “THE” working method which is suitable for our business and as many coaches there will be as many different choices.

The first step is to know ourselves as an individual. The second is knowing about the available marketing solutions.Then we are ready to make a choice where and how to start.

I would say that the most exciting way to discover our inner marketing expert is to start to implement some ideas to all main lines such as social media, free online tutorials, marketing seminars, books and networking events.

Then we will realise that in the busy everyday routine which will be the most interesting for us, which will be the one that we like to do on a daily basis because that one will be ours, the most suitable one.

Updating our social media sites every day is not enough. The content has to be different from others and it has to be interesting for our readers. There has to be a balance between the number of post and the quality of them. And based on my own experiences the quality content is able to create the required number of followers even if we do not post every day.

Shorter or longer free online tutorials are always useful even if we did find a one which is not that strong or good. So we are able to see the mistakes. Such a great way to learn!

If we are out of time or we trust in a professional better than in ourselves, it is smart to sign up for a marketing program or to hire someone to shake our business up. Although I would recommend to go for that idea after we did gain some marketing experiences.

Books. It is not even a question that books have to be around nonstop. If we have 10 minutes long time to have a chance to read, fine! That 10 minutes can be enough to have a “aha” experience.

While we are busy in our virtual world and being focused with our job the best idea to have a nice balance is to go and meet people.

You don’t need to be ready for a potential client in every moment, I think that would be very stressful and also fake on a way. You just have to be yourself. A person who likes people, who is honestly generous and basically positive. That is all.

Witt that attitude you are ready to put your name out there and to network. Anywhere, anytime. In a supermarket, on the street and of course on any professional meeting or event.

The best marketing strategy is being visible and available. By what tool to reach that is up to you.


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